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When it comes to Costa Del Mar sunglasses regular question we get is: "What is the difference between 400 and 580?" So here it is: Costa offers two quality lenses. The Costa 400 eliminates reflected in the mark 400 nanometers. This allows a clearer vision and eyestrain.

The Coast 580 is the premium lenses. This lens eliminates reflections in the 580 nanometer mark. In particular, it significantly reduces the number of yellow lightpenetrate into the lens, light yellow is the hardest light for the eye to process. This eliminates almost all the reflections, so that the color saturation and better defined. The 580 price was a lot, so now it used to be a big difference in price to obtain, instead of 580, as it is always better to set the quality for your money.

Another thing to decide is, no matter which way you have less, the fact is that Del Mar sunglasses are generally known for their performance worldand durability. Overall you can not go wrong with Costa choose to do so, depending on what your needs and budget feed.

Lightwave Del Mar sunglasses sunglass lens is the lightest available today. 20% lighter and 22% thinner than the average Sun polarized lenses on the market. Each Casta Del Mar sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects and workmanship. Make sure that the latest pictures, including Caballito Casta Del Mar and the Maya, withframe and lens combinations many more will remember your preferred lens material and type of choice.